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Ellis Hobbs '09


Bio: Ellis is a bass hailing from Great Neck NY. Passions include Ultimate Frisbee, The Beatles, Apple computers, and baseball. Ellis is a theatre concetrator, but that's just a safety net; he really wants to be the General Manager of the Yankees. If you see him, ask him to lick his elbow. It's pretty cool.

Fun Fact: Fun Fact about Ellis

Favorite Bear Memory: Ellis' fun bear memory.

Peter Cipparone '09

Tenor II

Bio: Peter Cipparone is a potential Urban Studies concentrator and sings baritone for the group. He hails from Old Lyme, CT, the home of the tick. Peter's interests include Buffalo Bills football and Ratty turkey dinners.

Fun Fact: Here's a fun fact

Favorite Bear Memory: I love the Bears. Especially that time when we sang.